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Smart Hub 2 & Playstation 4 Pro


I'm lucky enough to have the BT 900 package.

My Smart Hub 2 has been setup for around a week now and I'm seeing solid 800-900mbps via ethernet and 300-350mbps over WiFi.

My Playstation 4 Pro; however, is jumping all over the place in terms of speeds via ethernet.

If I refresh the connection i.e. setup internet I get 600mbps but every subsequent test has me ~35mbps.

I've tested multiple devices over Ethernet directly into the smart hub 2 and the playstation is the only anomaly.

I'm wasn't expecting the tests to show the full 900 and I wasn't ever expecting actual download speeds that fast either but would have expected at least ~600mbps over Ethernet (cat6 cable).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 & Playstation 4 Pro

have you turned of smart setup  


Turn Off smart setup









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Re: Smart Hub 2 & Playstation 4 Pro

Smart setup is currently on.

(I did try turning it off, rebooting my router and testing again but still showing ~35mbps)

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