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Smart Hub 2 and BT WiFi Discs - Force Connect to Hub?



Got FTTP Fibre 500 with Smart Hub 2 - I get great speeds on my Mac and IPad upstairs in my home office of approx 400MBPS when my BT WiFi disc is not switched on

When the disc is on my mac tends to connect to the WIFI disc but the speed drops to around 200MBPS 

Is there a way to make individual items connect to the hub only and forget the WiFi disc??

I need the WiFi disc on as my daughters PC for home schooling is connected directly to it via LAN as the PC is quite old and WIFI onboard that pc is not great - she gets 400MBPS connected to the disc

I have a feeling that i cant do this as it goes against the idea of the complete WiFi solution 



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Re: Smart Hub 2 and BT WiFi Discs - Force Connect to Hub?

Your devices will connect to the strongest signal. If all you want the disk for is to provide a wired connection to your daughters PC then you could either consider another solution such as a powerline extender (cost in the region of£30) or maybe try shutting the disc away in a cupboard or drawer in order to suppress the RF radiation