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Smart Hub 2 and Google Play Issues

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Since my new Smart Hub 2 has been installed, I can't download or update any apps from the Google Play Store. I have followed all of the troubleshooting steps Google have suggested, and the downloads and updates all work when I use 4G, leaving the only common factor to be the home wi-fi. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problems and any solutions on how to fix this?

I am using Android 8.0, and the firmware version on my Smart Hub is v0.16.02.08304-BT if that helps too. 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 and Google Play Issues

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Try turning Smart Setup off.

Can you make sure that BT Web Protect and BT Parental controls are disabled on your BT account.

Login to MyBT and look at your included extras, you should be able to locate BT Web Protect and BT Parental control settings.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 and Google Play Issues

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Thanks Keith! Turning off BT Web Protect seemed to solve the problem
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Re: Smart Hub 2 and Google Play Issues

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2 weeks ago I got new BT fibre to house installed to replace my previous EE broardband. Internet connection speed doubled, however I am having issues with streaming service. All 

  • Netflix
  • Google Movies
  • Amazon Prime

are having issues to timely fetch content or play indisturbed . Previously after starting service within 5-10 seconds I would be logged in and able to browse, playing movies was instant.

Now Netflix and Amazon can take anything between 30sec to 2 min to log in and there is similar delay before I can stream movie. The worst experience is with Google Movies where it takes long time to fetch contentent, movie sometimes doesn't start playing and if it plays there will be loading breaks that completely ruin experience of watchin movie.
I confirmed that there is no streaming issue on either providers through my neighbour network. I treid to apply suggestions from previous posts by Keith and Dan, but without success.


Does anybody have any other suggestions?

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