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Smart Hub 2 slow download speeds

Hi all,

Today, I finally connected the new hub 2, haven't yet done the seperate disk yet. Anyhow, I connected it all up and did the BT app thing to get it connected, so far, so good. So went online

Wanted to download a new game. I noticed it was taking ages, and I mean ages. Ok, we can blame the game servers being overworked. So, I thought ok, stop everything and do a line test. This I did, went online and checked my download speeds. Prior to this new hub, I was getting average 56Mb, today, 3Mb.

I only have set up the PC so far and ofd course, phone to do the app to get the hub to work. So I ask, why is the hub, that is supposed to be super fast, super slow?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 slow download speeds

Hi @Gothiic  sorry that you are getting very slow speeds with your new hub. 

Are you still experiencing slow speeds? If so try a Reset of the hub and see if that helps.





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