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Smart Hub 2

Since installing my new Smart Hub 2, the 2 laptops in the household are working fine, but my Canon wireless printer does not connect, any suggestions please?

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Re: Smart Hub 2

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Re: Smart Hub 2

Hi, Thanks for information how to reach hub manager. Just one question, when I typed my hub number ending 254 into the address bar, the site came up as "Not secure" with the advise not to use passwords, etc. Is this site safe to use?

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Re: Smart Hub 2

Yes. It is because BT in their infinite wisdom still use HTTP rather than HTTPS on the hub web server page. As it is within your LAN it is perfectly safe.

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Re: Smart Hub 2

Having similar problem with my I Mac not connecting for AirPrint. If I turn off smart set up and connect my I Mac to my canon printer when connected the printer has connected once do I turn smart set up back on on my smart hub 2


Really appreciate your help please

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Re: Smart Hub 2

Just leave smart setup switched off as save any problems with other devices in future

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Re: Smart Hub 2

I posted similar issue few minutes earlier

I have disabled SH2, reset all settings on the printer, rejoined the SSID but still unable to connect from Mac Catalina or Big Sur. It's a PIXMA MG6851.

Is there a missing step?
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Re: Smart Hub 2

PLEASE NOTE. Restart your Smart Hub 2 after saving the change.

Printer would not work until I had done so, but after that all appears working again.
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Re: Smart Hub 2

Have had similar problem with Epson XP printer since BT Smart Hub2 firmware update.

Printer loses connection on my network  even though shows as connected, after a reboot of my computer. 

I have re set router back to factory settings then changed passwords etc back again  and switched smart set up off and deleted the printer from my computer and network and reinstalled it.

Seems to be auto connecting now when I restart my computer. 

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Re: Smart Hub 2

Once again this morning the connection to the printer Epson XP830 failed

I disabled the 5GHz in the BT smart Hub2 and eventually got re connected on the 2.4GHz band.

However this is not really satisfactory having to separate channels purely for printing purposes.

This has only occurred since the BT Smart Hub2 had updated firmware to v0.26.03.01286-BT 

who do we report this occurrence too please.