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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

NTFS works fine for me.


C:\Users\smf22>net use
New connections will be remembered.

Status Local Remote Network
S: \\\Ultra128G Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.

C:\Users\smf22>fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo s: Volume Name : Ultra128G Volume Serial Number : 0x4a2557d Max Component Length : 255 File System Name : NTFS Is ReadWrite Supports Case-sensitive filenames Preserves Case of filenames Preserves & Enforces ACL's




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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

We upgraded and was supplied a new HH6 but when we tried to connect the 'backup' drive to the USB port it did not work.


 The current (20:30 on 13th Nov) BT website advertises that the USB port is one of the advantages of their hub over those from competitors. So having experienced problems similar to the posters above I engaged a "Chat room" expert.


Apparently BT has disabled the USB port because of firmware issues.


I have complained to BT that the hub I bought does not have the functionality that their current adverts claim !!

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

Exactly the same problem. Spent ages trying to get USB to work on new Home hub (November 2016). Then 1 hour 37 minutes on the phone line to BT support. The support said that the USB feature was disabled by BT - 'only the yellow sockets work', he said. BT use comparative advertising with this as a feature that separates them from others,  , . And shops similarly advertise it and all online reviews. So, do some people have BT Smart Hubs with USB that works and others newer models that do not? The USB feature was the only reason I switched from virgin to BT - I thought I could replace the virgin modem without USB + a netgear router with USB setup that I had by one device. The virgin package is superior to the BT one I switched to.

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

I've sent this to BT's Chief Exec. I'll report back as to whether I get a response and what it is
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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

@RegEster wrote:
I've sent this to BT's Chief Exec. I'll report back as to whether I get a response and what it is

So BT is working on an 'upgrade' which, if it ever works, will provide the basic functionality which the HH6 was advertising as having from the start.


I particularly enjoyed the apparent suggestion that BT will email HH6 owners to inform them when new firmware is available. I doubt that somehow. As far as I can see, BT is operating entirely in 'never apologise, never explain' mode in relation to the HH6.



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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

Just spent nearly £60 to upgrade from my HH5 and I have spent all afternoon trying different memory sticks(Fat32 & NTFS) and no matter what I did it would not appear on my network.


I have just read this article and all has become clear, I have wasted my time trying to use this advertised facility, all to no avail, fortunately I have not returned my HH5 so I think I will "revert" back to this.


I may try to get my money back, using the "sale of goods act"


Not a happy bunnySmiley MadSmiley Mad


Also the new hub wi-fi range is OK, but I would not say it outshines the HH5 by very much, is this another advertised feature that is not quite what it says?

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

Never waste your money buying any ISPs routers. You can buy far better third party VDSLModem/routers such as the TP-Link TD W9970 N300 starting at £30.  Just do an Internet search.

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

Well I had  a response from the Chairman's office saying they were aware of the issue and were looking to solve it.  That was a month ago and nothing.  The Chairman's office doesn't seem to be able to gee them up so I guess they'll keep on mis-selling this.

Very poor BT so if you want BT HomeHub6 with USB connection don't waste your money, it doesn't work however you format the drive

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem

@gg30340 writes:
> You can buy far better third party VDSLModem/routers such as the TP-Link TD W9970 N300 starting at £30.

And according to the manual, it even provides SNMP, and can be used in modem-only bridge mode if desired. For the money it's hard to beat for WAN ingress where you'd keep its wifi turned off anyway, the only slight downside being lack of gigabit Ethernet which is barely noticeable at today's VDSL speeds.
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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) USB port Problem


As mentioned in earlier posts;



 in the Command line or into Win-Explorer address bar, revealed the (sacrifuceable) USB stick that I'd put in the 'SMART' hub's USB drive as:


opening the folder the files and folders could be opened and written to etc.


My concern regarding this methood of connectng unencrypted media would be of intrusion risk to the USB connected devices from the WWW. as the network cables connecting to PCs are I trust from experience, monitored by my AV app(s).


The modem was bought in Decemeber 2016. The box's descrptions are:

BT Smart Hub, Item Code 084316, Made in China, Sl5.0.


Serial Nos: #####  ####

(Type A)

This is model , unlike my previous (not BT) modems, stands on two flimsy clown-like feet such that cables make it topple, so i hang it (untidilly) by the cables off a hook, and shows no indications of cable (or wireless) network activity by LEDs in its cable port or facia. And the network cable supplied has teh old fashioned exposed socket barbs that can easilly get cought and snapped off.

To my mind, thedevice and manual-user-guide has the 'finger prints' of a product dumbed down and shaped by the brain-storming' Marketing Team of BT, who'd leave such tedious matters as installing gadgets to the folksat  PC World and the like.


Before I use the USB port, for good measure and peace of mind, I'll disconnect the hub from the phone line and WWW; unless someone can reassure me otherwise that there's no need.


It's a good forum here with some clever clogs with good advice; but I hope not to be back.




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