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Smart Hub Wifi. When will BT admit to a problem???

Hi All


there are dozens of threads and hundreds of users (including me) all having trouble with losing the wifi connection to the BT Smart Hub. Nothing but a reset of the router can get the devices connected again. I'm fed up with the wife and kids texting me saying the internet isn't working again.


BT continue to advertise this router as being the next best thing but sadly, at the moment, that is not the case. Don't get me wrong. When it works it works well, but it is very unreliable with not knowing when it will drop off again. Only today I was half way through paying for a transaction online when it hung. I had to rush to find an ethernet cable to save a lot of hassle. 


I am on the latest firmare and have tried all of the options with the router settings. It makes no difference.


Can BT finally release a statement acknowledging he problem and give a time scale when some kind of solution will be released. Please

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Re: Smart Hub Wifi. When will BT admit to a problem???

It would appear that several of the Home Hub models from the 3 to the 6 have developed the same basic problem, going by the various threads on here.  BT needs to address this quickly and come clean to it many subscribers.

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Re: Smart Hub Wifi. When will BT admit to a problem???

BT know they have a problem.  They just won't admit it publically for many reasons, least of all is the bad publicity.


However, the more HH6s BT send out, the more complaints they are going to get.


BT are hoping they can fix the issues in software.

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