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Smart Hub - gaming lag-spikes potentially resolved.

I have another thread here regarding my year-long almost daily disconnections, which I won't go into detail over, other than to say issues persisted after 6 HH5 replacements and 7 engineer visits.

The moment I plugged in the Smart Hub, touch wood, all has been fine - connected for 8 days now.

The one issue I soon noticed with the Smart Hub is games were laggy, sometimes unplayable on both Xbox One and PS4.

I believe I have found the problem. So I ran an online game of Rocket League, held LB to see my ping. And on my phone I ran the app. During the upload part of the test my ping in the game went from 28 to over 500, the game was severely laggy/unplayable and also displayed the lagged network icon on-screen.

BT WiFi seems to be the issue...

I decided to try the Rocket League test on another Xbox setup in the next room, this one is on WiFi. In doing so, I noticed BT WiFi with FON as an option, and realised having the new Smart Hub must have re-enabled this service. I remember disabling this feature in the past on

Anyway, I connected the fat Xbox on my proper WiFi, played Rocket League, and again ran the speedtest on my mobile - and the in-game ping shot up to 500+ ping as expected.

I ran the test again, this time with my mobile connecting to my own BT WiFi with FON open connection. I got a download speed of about 9mb and upload of 7mb. This test had a minimal impact on my game, it was perfectly playable during the upload test. The ping went up from 28 to 32 ping.

I am assuming then if I can disable the BT WiFi feature, then hopefully this will resolve my ping issue in games for when others on my network use the upload bandwidth. Fingers crossed this will also resolve the Party Chat issues.

I hope that's the solution, still a bit mind-boggled by having 6 dud HH5's. If disabling BT WiFi can sort this nagging issue, then all will be golden with the Smart Hub - which has currently been connected fine for 8 days. The past year with HH5 it always ranged from multiple drops a day to a 3 day connection streak.

From what I remember it can take a couple.of days to update once opted out of BT WiFi - but I'm hoping it does the trick.
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Re: Smart Hub - gaming lag-spikes potentially resolved.

BT WiFi is disabled now, and it sadly did not work as expected.

Tried the same test and it didn't solve the ping problem. It's weird, the fact the upload from the public WiFi has minimal impact with devices on the private network, surely that proves that the Smart Hub is capable of ensuring other devices are not impacted negatively - so why can't the Smart Hub do that on the private network, more so even with BT WiFi disabled?

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Re: Smart Hub - gaming lag-spikes potentially resolved.

My understanding is none of the recent homehubs have had Quality Of Service (QOS) for the private network, all they have is QOS for the Bt WiFi so that it only uses spare bandwidth and doesn't impact on the private network.

I suspect there is no QOS available as we are not expected to be able to configure it sensibly and therefore lead to extra support calls.

Being of 3Mb ADSLmax, we frequenty staturate the available bandwidth, so while leaving the HH4 to connect to BT, the internal network connects to it via a TPLink TL-R470T+, and all traffic uses the QOS facilities on it to share out the bandwidth in a bit more equatable manner.

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