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Smart Hub port forwarding for Xbox One Modern Warfare

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I have a Smart Hub (with wifi turned off) which connects to a unmanaged switch which connects to 4x BT Whole Home discs (white) connected by Cat6 which distribute wifi through my home. My Xbox connects to the network via wifi.

My issue is I cannot achieve Open NAT whilst playing Modern Warfare on my Xbox One or figure out how to solve port forwarding (which may be more an Xbox issue than anything else).

I went into my Smart Hub, found the Xbox One IP address, set it to static then opened up the necessary ports. I shut down, log back into the game and there's no difference.

I then go to the advanced settings in the Xbox and find out the consoles IP address, it does not match the static one I set. I also notice there's some IPv6 info populated too. I've also got UPnP turned on. There is no device in the Smart Hub device list that matches the Xbox's IP address (in the Xbox advanced settings screen).

I log back into the router and go to the Xbox One from the device list, and then onto the port forwarding page, I see all the rules I set up, but also another rule which is in a shaded cell at the very bottom, and the info is the IP address (as shown on the Xbox) and Teredo along with the IP address (from the Xbox advanced settings) and the port the Xbox shows it is using.

Teredo (the IP in the Xbox settings) - - 5525 - 5525 - 5525 - 5525

So it looks like its created some automatic port forwarding rule, I have no idea what Teredo means and guess the whole thing is linked to IPv6 (I'm pretty ignorant to al l this).

If anyone can offer any information why the Smart Hub and Console have different IP addresses and guidance on how I set it up so it uses the Ports I specify it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Smart Hub port forwarding for Xbox One Modern Warfare

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A few things. If you want a static IP address on your Xbox, set it on the Xbox itself not on the hub as that is just address reservation and not true static addressing. Set it to a value outside of the DHCP range of the hub.

If you are using port forwarding, turn off UPnP as they will conflict.

Teredo is a tunneling method of providing IPv6 connectivity via ipv4. As BT support native IPv6 it is not needed.

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Re: Smart Hub port forwarding for Xbox One Modern Warfare

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I followed your instructions with the following:

1) Turned off UPnP
2) Turned off the "Always use this IP address"
2) Set a static IP on the Xbox itself advanced settings using a value outside the DCHP range

I notice that the reference to Teredo is gone in the port forwarding menu.

The Smart Hub does not show the Xbox Static IP I gave it, instead it still has the one which I tried to assign static through the Smart Hub yesterday?

The Xbox shows in the Network settings advanced menu the static IP address I set it, but when I look at the Whole Home network map and go into the disc that the Xbox is connected to, it still shows the IP address which was assigned with the highlighted Teredo port forwarding rule.

I hard reset the Xbox and shut the Smart Hub down for 30 seconds and turned it back on but no difference.

My Xbox NAT type is now Strict and my Modern Warfare one is showing as Open (a reverse of where I began!)


Theres also a new Xbox showing I my devices list which is another Xbox but is always disconnected with a random IP address.

Any pointers much appreciated, thanks

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Re: Smart Hub port forwarding for Xbox One Modern Warfare

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Worth trying a factory reset of the hub by pressing the recessed button with a pin until the lights flash and then starting again setting up the port forwarding etc. Remember to turn off smart setup again after the reset.

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Re: Smart Hub port forwarding for Xbox One Modern Warfare

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Factory reset fixed it thanks!

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