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Smart Hub2

I have just received the New Smart Hub but cannot get my Hik Vision cctv to work. I copied all the info over from my hub 6 but to no avail! Contacted BT but worse than useless! Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Smart Hub2

did you switch off smart set up?

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Re: Smart Hub2

Yes unfortunately if only that easy, cheers
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Re: Smart Hub2

Go back to using the home hub 6, unless of course you have added the BT Complete Wifi black disc, as that would be the only real reason for using the Smart Hub 2.

The SH2 has problems where you cannot separate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands.

If you have just renewed your contract, then remember that the SH2 is only loaned by BT, so you will have to look after it, even if you decide to stick with the HH6.

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Re: Smart Hub2

@dtmillar72 I think I've read somewhere that you may be able to get the CCTV connected by temporarily turning off the 5.0GHz network so that only the 2.4 is being broadcast. Hopefully the CCTV will connect. and once it has, turn back on the 5.0GHz network.

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Re: Smart Hub2

I already have, and i know the equipment is only rented thanks, I am still looking for the solution though. But thanks for your input 👍

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