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Smart TV eats the bandwidth and internet stops working

Hi Have Sony Bravia Smart TV (kDL42W829B) and I am using it from nearly 3 years now but never experienced any issue. Recently I have hatarted experiencing an issue, when ever I am trying to watch a Video (Netflix or YouTube) on TV, it eats whole bandwidth and internet connection stops working on all other devices. I have always connected TV using Wifi.


Normally I get speed around 45-46 Mbps download and 9-10 mbps upload speed. But when I play any video on TV it drops to under 1 mbps download and around 0.05 mbps upload speed. Then it completly stops working and light on infinity router remains blue.


I have started using Netflix and YouTube using Apple TV and there is no issue. Before raising this issue with John Lewis (Because TV is still under 5 years cover), just wanted to check if any other BT user is experiencing same issue with Sony TV or any other TV.



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Re: Smart TV eats the bandwidth and internet stops working

The TV is probably using all of the available wireless bandwidth.


I would recommend connecting the TV to the home hub using an Ethernet cable if that is possible.


If the home hub is too far away, then broadband extenders are another option, provided you do not already have existing ones connected to the home hub.




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