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Smart home hub slower than old hh4

I renewed my BT contract last week and was sent a shiny new Smart Hub, however since connecting it my internet has been excruciatingly slow. I've never had trouble with my BT internet before on my old HH4. I have normal broadband with speeds around 6-8 mps (too rural for super fast bb) but as its only me, Alexa and a few smart device and the old Netflix movie its sufficient. Since the new hub, uploading a selfie to facebook takes minutes not seconds, Alexa has to "wait to connect to the wifi" before she can complete a command like turning off the lights and even posting this message took 3 attempts as the page failed to load, so I switched to using my mobile and data. Current upload speed is 0.72mps. I have divided the dual frequency into 2.4 and 5g as I had done for my hh4 as some of my devices only work on 2.4, but that's the only setting I have changed. Before I launch this supposedly faster hub out the window and gi back to my hh4, any advice on how to improve things?

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Re: Smart home hub slower than old hh4

Welcome to this user forum. @Chez46 

If you are only on ADSL, then keep on using the HH4, as that is optimised for use on ADSL and has a restricted bandwidth which only covers the ADSL frequencies up to 2.2MHz.

The smart hub is designed for superfast broadband and can have connection issues on ADSL, especially on longer lines, because of its much wider line bandwidth, which makes is more susceptible to out-of-band noise on your line. This results in a higher error rate, and slower throughput.


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Re: Smart home hub slower than old hh4

did you turn off smart setup

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Re: Smart home hub slower than old hh4

Nice to think BT recommended  and sent me a piece of equipment not fit for purpose after 30 minutes of trying to renegotiate my contract and up sell me other services.


Back to good old HH4 it is.

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Re: Smart home hub slower than old hh4


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Re: Smart home hub slower than old hh4

When I rang to renew my BB, and reported massive speed variations (up to 9 and down to 0.0 Mbps), I was asked what equipment I had and said I should never have been offered the Smart hub because their Stayfast Guarantee in our rural location is 2 Mbps and the Smart Hub NEEDS that all to itself. They recommended reverting to Hub 4.0 and I have had rock solid 10 Mbps ever since. Our rural location is all on copper wire but was assured that locations such as ours are now a priority for FTTP. Just holding my breath here 😉