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Re: Smart hub 2 and original whole home wifi

The problem that I found with my 3 disc WHW system was that all my devices appeared to move seamlessly between whichever disc gave the best signal - except for my mobile phone:

Earlier this year I got my first mobile that was capable of WiFi Calling, (a Samsung A41 from BT Shop). Because the BT Mobile / EE signal in my home isn't that great I enabled the function. What I find is that if I am connected to one disc at the beginning of a call, and have to move to somewhere covered better by a different disc, the call always drops out. This happens with both incoming and outgoing calls.

As I mentioned previously, the WHW Helpdesk were not aware of this issue when I called them a couple of days ago - so I don't know if it is a problem with WHW or the phone.

What I have since found though, is that WiFi range from the SmartHub 2 is significantly better than previous hubs. Despite my SH2 being located in a corner at the front of the lounge downstairs, (ie right on the very edges of the desired coverage area), I can now get a usable signal in every room in the house, garage and furthest corners of the, (not large, admittedly), garden.

Today I'm going to remove all of the WHW discs, and if everything still works well for a while I will probably sell them - they appear to be redundant now, (for me), with the improvements in the SH2's WiFi.

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