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Smart hub (HH6) smart Wireless not working!

Last night I was unable to connect iPhones/iPads via wirless., the connections kept dropping.

I got on my laptop (connected via LAN) and used inssider to monitor the local wireless signals.  My smart hub was on the same wirless channels (11 & 40) as two of my neighbours.  I clicked on the "rescan" button and the hub seemed to be rescanning but when it had finished what it was doing the wireless channels were unchanged.  I rebooted the router via the web interface but still the channels were unchanged and noticed the rescan button had disappeared! I also rebooted by the on/off switch but still no change.

I have had to separate the channels and select unused channels (1 & 36).


Why does the hub not recognise that my neighbours hubs are on the same channels and change accordingly? (smart wireless feature should recognise this)

Why did the channels not change when a rescan was requested?

Why has the "rescan" button disappeared?

Why are the options to select your prefered channels (when 2.4 & 5GHz are sync'd) not available as they are in the HH5? (see below)




Any help would be much appreciated.


Firmware is upto date with the latest version mentioned on this forum.

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