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Smart hub slows down every day and needs a reset



I want to start by saying how disappointed I am with the new BT smart hub I have received.   I’m having an issue with ‘slow wireless’ which seems to be a common problem after searching on the internet and on the BT forums.  I’ve had BT broadband for nearly three weeks so it shouldn’t be anything to do with the settling in period.


There is no drop in the broadband to the router and the lights are always a steady blue.  Also when using an Ethernet cable there is no issues.


I was with Plusnet for two years and had no issues at all.  The router was their basic model and we could connect to it from rooms in the house.  The reason I opted for BT and the new smart hub was so I could stream from my laptop to my 4k TV, something that the Plusnet router couldn’t cope with very well.  I wasn’t given the option of fibre so have got unlimited faster broadband for £38.99 per month which was the cheapest option.


Besides the issue of having a really slow broadband connection because of where I am from the exchange (max of about 10 Mbps) the issue I have is that the wireless will periodically run very slow or not at all. 


Also devices will be slow or lose connection and then won’t reconnect.  The connection has to be removed from the device and setup again before it will connect to the router.  The issues normally occur on a morning when we get up or when we come in from work on an afternoon but can happen at other times.


Generally when I restart the router the issue is resolved – until it happens again.


I have changed the settings on the smart hub several times including:


Disabled port forwarding

Disabled smart setup

Disabled UPnP

Gave 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency’s different names

Tried all of the available channels.  I’m currently using channels that no one else is broadcasting on.


I have contacted BT three times, spoke in several different departments and had over 10 line tests completed, all of which didn’t diagnose a fault on the line.  They have also sent me out a brand new smart hub as they suggested this could be the fault but this didn’t rectify the issue.  So that’s two smart hubs where I have the same issue.


I have currently setup my BT broadband to run through my PlusNet router instead of the smart hub and guess what?  The speed is fine with no issues.  This proves that it’s something to do with the smart hubs I have.


I’m now paying for more expensive broadband compared what I was paying with Plusnet and can’t use the smart hub supplied.


Has anyone had the same issue and any recommendations?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Smart hub slows down every day and needs a reset

As it's a wireless issue, get a decent 3rd party router.

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