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Re: Smart hub

@imjolly wrote:

@Keith_Beddoe wrote:

@imjolly wrote:

I use a hh6a and have done since the initial trial and never had any problems so they are not all paper weights

In all fairness, I expect the ones issued to the triallists were thoroughly soak tested before being issued. Once mass production started, quality is bound to be variable, as these are made as cheaply as possible.


There is nothing to substantiate that just your assumption. There must be thousands of hh6 which work perfectly fine and as expected only the problem hh6 are reported on the forum. Nobody comes to the forum and says their connection is working ok and no problems with their hh6

I will.. my HH6A  has worked perfectly since the day I plugged it in back in June. Not one drop out. I don't know exactly when the HH6 was released but I would think mine is from a few batches in..