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Smart meters and Wi Fi

I am being heavily coerced by my energy supplier into having a Smart Meter fitted and as  it seems this is now the only way to obtain the lowest tariff rates I may have to reluctantly agree to installation.

I have researched online about the subject and have discovered that there is a possibility there may be some conflict between the smart meter and my BT Wi Fi  as both run on 2.4GHz.

What is the likelihood of this happening?

Is there a way to avoid this happening?

Any  other advice is very welcome.

Additional considerations/details:

FTTP 36mbps

BT Home Hub 6

I live in a first floor flat and the smart meter will be in a cupboard at ground level, about 7 metres away.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Smart meters and Wi Fi


Smart meters normally use mobile data (SIM Card inside)  to communicate with the supplier. I would expect the the remote display would use 433MHz, which is normally used for that purpose.

I would not expect any interference with your home network.

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Re: Smart meters and Wi Fi

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Re: Smart meters and Wi Fi

Communication between your smart meter and supplier is over a data connection.

However the smart meter monitor ( inside your home ) is done over Wi Fi. You may have problems with this. It’s not specifically a BT Wi Fi problem. You can resolve these with your supplier. The monitor itself is an add on convenience, ( measure of daily / monthly usage etc) and is not essential for communication with supplier. Your meter itself will submit data to the supplier for billing purposes.

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Re: Smart meters and Wi Fi

If its like anything I experienced - dont do it. In my old property it IMMEDIATELY altered my wifi speeds, it actually stopped my alarm system from working correctly as it kept shouting "wireless interference detected".

On moving house I took my supply with AVRO who have been excellent and I dont have a smart meter installed and won't for as long as I can

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