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SmartHub 2 - any benefits over

I've been looking at my BT broadband package for the first time in a while. I am on "Fibre with Halo 1" with the original SmartHub  at £52.49 p.m. but I have now found out that I could swap to the apparently identical in all but name "Fibre Halo 1" for £7.50 p.m. less or I could could swap to "Fibre Halo 2" and stay on £52.49 p.m. with the only real benefit to me being I would get a SmartHub 2 with the package.

So the question is, is Smarthub 2 worth worth the £7.50 p.m. difference (for 24 months min) between the packages? Would the wifi reach further into the house before the signal drops off; would it faster or more reliable, fewer dropouts etc?

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Re: SmartHub 2 - any benefits over


stick with the same package fibre with halo1

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