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SmartHub and DynDNS


I've just jumped to BT (from Talktalk) and whilst the smart hub is generally better than my old HUAWEI I'm having no success with getting DynDNS working.

Searching the forums suggets that others have had issues with the home hub 5 and eventually pinned it down to having to use a password
key, instead of the account password (as I did with the HUAWEI).

Unfortunately no matter what combination of password key and host I go with I can not get it to work.  The event log always reports:-

ppp1:DYNDNS ERROR!!client:1 need to check seized dyndns params

I've no idea what this means!

I also registered for NoIP and that works absolutely fine, but I've paid up for DynDNS so would much rather use them.

Any and all hints and tips welcomed!

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