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Re: SmartTalk Locked Out

Have at last got my SmartTalk sorted out after multiple calls to the BT SmartTalk line!


Got no callback from them on the problem until I called for three days running to ask what was going on.


They did manage to unlock things without having to remove the SmartTalk service.

I just had to reinstall the app and re-enter my details -- going through the security stuff from scratch.




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Re: SmartTalk Locked Out

The incompetence beggars belief.  After 3 days and 5 manhours (mainly waiting for the 'recommended chat service') of fruitless effort I am in PRECISELY the same position as posters above.  And its now 25th Jan 2015!!  I reckon a team of chimpanzees could do no worse.

Why is it when ANYTHING even slightly unusual occurs within BT, they seem to be utterly incapable of getting to the bottom of matters and enter into some kind of universal coma.

Trouble is, moving to anybody else is pointless as everything comes back to the unaccountable OPENREACH i.e. BT.

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