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SmartTalk becomes "not ready" after any call

Hi.  I've just installed SmartTalk on my Nexus 4 and it's great - except it only lets me make one call.  After that, it becomes "not ready".  When I try to use it a second time, it says there is a problem with my connection and invites me to run a connection test, which then hangs forever with the progress wheel spinning.  I have to kill the app and restart it, after which I can again make one call!


There is nothing wrong with my connection, BTW - I'm on a spanking new office WiFi system.

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Re: SmartTalk becomes "not ready" after any call

Welcome to the forum.


Could be any one of a number of issues here:-

Sounds like something might be dropping on your office wi fi system [or indeed an app/phone issue].

Anyone else in the office a BT customer having the same issue?  If yes, what is their mobile handset?


Also check that your BTSTalk account is correctly provisioned on your account via


To narrow causes down a bit, have you tried your phones connectivity for BTSTalk calls on your home wi fi via your hub and/or a third parties available wi-fi?

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