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Smarthub 2 Not good for streaming.

I got a new Smarthub 2 last week, which replaced a Smarthub X. Connection is 62 down 18 up. On the old hub I never had a problem streaming. However if I try and watch 4K content on YouTube or Netflix it takes ages to start and doesn’t stream at 4K at all, really poor pixelated resolution. Speedtest is showing what it should but can’t figure out why I can’t stream 4K content anymore.

Anyone had the same problem or got any solutions? I’ve used a WiFi optimiser tool to pick the best channels. I’ll have to send it back if things don’t improve.
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Re: Smarthub 2 Not good for streaming.

At a guess, I would say that the device you are using supports both wireless bands, and because you cannot rename them on the smart hub 2, your device is getting confused.

You could try turning off the 5GHz wireless on the home hub, and see if that helps.

The Smart Hub 2 is intended for use with the Complete Wifi Solution from BT, so unless you plan to rent the add on black discs, there is no advantage in using it, and you would be better off using the normal home hub 6.


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