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Smarthub 2 Port Forwarding

Just switched to BT and installed the Smarthub 2 and configured it for port forwarding for 7 devices on my home network.

It works fine for a varying period and then stops working.

I check everything on the Smarthub, Dynamic DNS and port forwarded devices and everything looks fine.

If I switch the Smarthub off and back on again everything starts working again.

I've read that this is possibly the Smarthub running out of memory that causes the problem.

Is this a known problem and if so, is there a fix.

My previous non-BT router worked flawlessly for 5 years with port forwarding to the same devices and I'm no novice when it comes to setting up and using port forwarding.

Can I just substitute my old router for the Smarthub2 or is there a password required to access the VDSL connection?

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Re: Smarthub 2 Port Forwarding

Unless your old router is locked to another ISP, you can use it.

The username and password for PPPoE are the generic  and BT

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