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Smarthub 2 maximum number of Mesh disks supported

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Don't Ethernet ANY of them (the black Halo "Complete WifI" discs) directly to Smarthub 2 imho (only do it to set them up at first).

Let them all work via Wifi only and make sure your SH2 is upstairs preferably for the biggest umbrella signal to start the  mesh with.

Then have a disc directly downstairs from it, and daisy them out from that, using the My BT app on your phone to find the strongest places for them (a metre or two, or a different wall, can make all the difference).

Discs can go to partial sleep (orange light) if there's no (or low) activity in that part of your building(s) / mesh. However, I find that wandering smartphones in pockets are great jump starters, and the SH2 will give them a kick up the backside if the disc nearest to you is orange. Doesn't mean it's not working. Ideally the active ones are blue lights.

I've set up 6 black disc meshes + Smarthub 2's now in a couple of locations very successfully, as it helps to extend Eufy security camera networks in each location.

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Re: Smarthub 2 maximum number of Mesh disks supported

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Hi Sugarcat.
Thank you for your response.
unfortunately having the SM2 upstairs is not an option its a pain because its sited at the front corner of the house.
From there I have ethernet cables wired in one goes down to a games/gym which is a separate building & too far out of range to reach the SH2.
One goes to the back of the house which covers the kitchen but again its quite far away from the SH2 & through quite a thick wall.
The 3rd goes to a cupboard which is sited in the centre of the house this is connected to the 24 port unmanaged switch which among other things has ethernet connections to both my sons rooms for their games consoles.
This is where I have disk 3 & disk 4 connected to for the upstairs wifi access one of which is my wife's office.
The biggest problem is apart from it being a large house it has been extended & some of the solid walls are quite thick add to that the stud walls are all insulated with cellotex so I really struggle to get a decent wifi signal from room to room.
I did try to configure them as you described I have spent hours with my phone wandering around the house looking for the best positions to site them for best coverage especially upstairs where my wife needs a strong signal for video calls.
The kitchen & games room work perfectly & they are connected via ethernet the 3rd I set up in my wife's office room which worked perfectly.
I added the 4th so I can connect my fire stick in the bedroom I could connect it to the office disk but it just buffered almost constantly which did solve that problem but whilst that one works the office one won't allow connections & vice versa when I set up the office disk back up again.
All 4 disks have solid blue lights & I can see all 4 disks in the app which all say they are connected with excellent connections but the one that doesn't allow connections if you go into it connected devices is highlighted grey & shows (0)
Now you know why I wired the house with an ethernet network every room in the house has an ethernet cable to it.

Tricky I know
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Re: Smarthub 2 maximum number of Mesh disks supported

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Hi curious why you say dont connect with Ethernet as it’s the only way I can get two if mine to work
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Re: Smarthub 2 maximum number of Mesh disks supported

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  • Just wondering why, when you’ve cabled out a few of the rooms in the house, you haven’t set up one or two Wireless Access Points to fill in WiFi gaps. Lots of info on the web of how to reuse BT Hubs as WAPs. But perhaps it may be a pain having to manually switch from one WiFi network to another when moving around? Just a thought.
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Re: Smarthub 2 maximum number of Mesh disks supported

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Thanks the problematic discs are both out with my main house structure and are used for a ring camera security setup to much if a pain to use a different WAP as the cameras frequently change disc I guess hunting for the best signal. Both are hard wired either by cat 5 or Ethernet over power. But since I added a extra disc to increase coverage only 3 if the 4 make connections- sadly the one specifically for ring is the one that seems to no longer make connections so the camera connects to the hub a long way from the camera location, BT will be visiting soon to install full fibre will pick the engineers brain see if he has any ideas as I was planning to replace the Ethernet over power with a cat 6 cable direct into the garage.
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