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Snow ball customer service !! Absolute liars

So after 3 months of being a New BT customerive  been absolutely drained of all energy by hours and hours of extremely stinuous phone calls over and over and being lied to by one person to the next! Repeatedly Week by week on my days off.


Lets start this all from the beginning....

Around 3 months ago I joined BT being Fooled by the marketting (rookie mistake) being mislead by them saying, 'Best Range available, superunlimited, best supplier 2018 ETC ETC you get the point'. I get roped and pushed into a subscription/service of which I dont need by very a pushy sales team member(BT TV and Sports package). 

So Package arrives all good in fair time of when originally agreed. To where I set up ther service i find that the WiFi just doesnt reach my room which cant be more than 10 feet away from the router. So i decide to first get in contact as i may have faulty equipment or something along those lines.... 

I am told that they will send out WiFi Extenders to my address to which they delivered to the wrong address, and i have to chase the delivery service (parcel force i think) to find out then contact BT back up YAY. The start of My hours wasted by this company whom prides theirselves on customer service."enhance the costomer experience"

so next they decide to try send out the product again. to my knowledge of opening the box it is the wrong product. so the chase starts again. im on the phone trying to keep calm trying to speak to the person with most respect as possible. so they decide to send the product out again! Upon arrival, I find out they have sent out the wrong product (a mini connector kit - to connect my TV to the internet). 

SO it starts again! another Phone call to another person, Repeating the process again! trying to contact BT to organise the correct products to be sent out and resolve my issue! this time i change, my postal address (my work address).

Each time i Speak to a new person i have to repeat the story over and over and each time add a little more to the story to get to the bottom i cant even be bothered to write thsi complaint anymore! 

Basically avoid BT. Avoid their Sales team, Avoid there customer service, Avoid there Complaints Deprtment, Avoid the Faults Team. Avoid all of it asif its the plague!

They lie, Deceive, Manipulate, twist, Scam, and Insult you. They are Vultures, Vampires if you want. They bite, suck and drain your soul until your dead. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Snow ball customer service !! Absolute liars

so does your internet work as expected and within estimated speed?  is the problem with your wifi connection and if so what have you tried to get better reception?

if hh6 did you turn off smart setup?  did you split the 2.4/5ghz networks as many devices don't like them combined.  did you try selecting channels manually rather than use auto? did you try changing the wireless mode?

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