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So long and thanks for all the fish..

It is with delight that I am saying goodbye to BT after all these years. I have been with BT for over 7 years now and most of that time it has been great but this last year has been a total shambles with the amount of lies told by the recontract team and the bill department and now there have been demanding phone calls and letters from them as well.

When I recontracted in Jan this year (2013) it was because of a verbal agreement that I would still receive a loyalty discount when Fibre was in my area. 6 months later Fibre arrives and BT says no way am I getting a discount so no fibre. Then last month they alter the day the money is taken from my account by over a week taking before the beginning of the month so I get hit with bank charges.

After lots of phone calls they say that there manager will phone me back to sort it out but no phone call happens. I phone back and tell that enough is enough and that as a result I have cancelled my DD and will pay my bill on the old date of the 2nd and as it will be last bill they can either take it or leave it. The person obviously did not make a note of it as this morning a letter arrived saying that I need to pay my bill or my services will be restricted. I phone tham straight up and they are very evasive so the conversation ends with me asking for my MAC code.

2 hours later I get a phone call from the billing department telling me that I need to pay my bill and set up a DD or my services will be restricted. After explaining it all again he says he needs to put me through to the cancellations team to which he is told to sod off.

So new contract signed with a new provider (Talk Talk) which offers more for a lot less and should go live on the 15th which is when they will cancel my BT.

Of yeah one more thing, There team says that Talk Talk is the most complained about provider but just for the record they have a 0.37 per 1000 customer complaint ratio and that is going down. BT have 0.36 per 1000 customers and that is on the rise.

It is since BT added BT Sport that they really do not worry about keeping customers but sorry if you treat your customers badly then they will leave so again so long and thanks for everything but I have no confidence in you anymore as you have lied far to much...

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