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So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

I'm a technical person i.e. I have a decent understanding IP.


Recently switched over from 3 providers to one (Sky-TV, Virgin-Broadband, TalkTalk-telephone).


I tried to ensure a little overlap on Broadband to avoid down-time, so had BT installation done on Dec 15th or so.


Very smooth install. Good engineer. Though there was a problem with Freeview - apparently, no signal coming out of the wall socket. Got the premium channels like BT sport and Sky Sport working on the box (through existing Virgin ISP & Zyxel powerline adapters), and tested BT throughput was c 76MBps down and 20Mbps up, and left it at that.


When Virgin & Sky cut-off around 12 days ago, we tried using the BT TV, bit it produced an error on the sports channels (and other channels) of IPC6023.


I reckon connectivity is fine to the box - light goes blue, BT Vision speed test passes, and trailers for movies run promptly.


BT sent out a third-party engineer.  Nice enough, but not nearly as confident or knowledgeable as BT engineer for installation. Confirmed that Internet connectivity looked fine.


This has been escalated to Networking Wholesale team or some such nonsense, and I get daily calls from "techies", mostly from Milton Keynes, that tell me nothing useful, other that we should get it working in a few days.


I've tried a DNS manual setting on the YouView+ Ultra HD box as well as resetting the box to factory (soft and hard reset) settings to no avail.


I can’t get BT sports on my phone either (in the hope of casting to a big-screen): Tells me I need BT TV Everywhere package. Used to work before I became a BT TV & Broadband customer!



I have two accounts on my one BT ID. I was a BT Sport customer on Sky (though I paid BT direct) - not sure if that is an issue or a red-herring.


Any help appreciated. I'm pulling my hair out with nearly 2 weeks without TV. Could wreck my marriage.


Thanks, in advance!

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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

Hi @Wenger786,


Welcome to the community forum.


Can you try connecting the UHD box directly to the Home Hub with an ethernet cable rather than powerline adapters? This will help to rule out a problem with the Powerline adapters.


With regards to the BT TV Everywhere app, you should have this on your UHD package. If you have two account linked to your MY BT this could be causing issues. I'll be able to take a look at this for you. 


Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?






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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

Actually I did this: router (and master Junction box) is upstairs, so used a different tv as I did not have a cat cable long enough to go down stairs and into lounge.




Not getting a smooth picture on UHD channel but HD is okay, with nearly acceptable lage in channel changes (feels more sluggish than Sky, understanably so (as its has to make a request for the stream up stream etc presumably, wheras Sky is broadcastingo Over The Air).


Re-positioned the powerline, so it was going through one less router (directly into smart/HH6) and its working fine in lounge over the old Zyzel poerline adapters.


BT sent me two  passthrough pwerline adapters, which were alreay paired. they seem to interoperate with the Zyxels, though I guess they might be making a seperate "mesh" network.


I'll take you up on the everywhere issue. Thanks Paddy. 🙂 


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

You can only have one powerline type  adapter running on your mains wiring, that will be the master. All others must be slaved off that master unit, provided they are compatible, which in your case, they are not.



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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

Hi @Wenger786,


Thanks for taking my call today, nice speaking with you. As dicsussed, hopefully this will be sorted tomorow but if you're still having problems post back and I'll be happy to step in.





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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

I still have problems, ever since I ordered BT.



Order date 28/11/2016

Order number ***EDITED***

Switchover & installation date was 14h December.


  1. Phone & Broadband:
  2. Unlimited Anytime Calls Add-on Monthly £8.50
  3. TV: Total Entertainment Package, Monthly £40.00
    1. I additionally added SkySports (1&2) HD.£27.00 a month
    2. Total Entertainment This package: £13.00 a month

BT Phoneline (ex-Directory),  BT bill paper-free,  Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Calls with engineer installation. 

Estimated maximum download connection speed will be between 54-55 Mbps

Estimated maximum upload connection speed will be between 9-10 Mbps



  1. One-off charges £309.07
    1. Delivery charge, £9.99
    2. Connection, Activation & Delivery (including discounts), £50.00
    3. Line Rental Saver, £205.08
    4. BT Smart Hub
    5. YouView+ Ultra HD Set Top Box
    6. Engineer Install, £44.00






  1. I paid for an engineer: Though he plugged in the BT Hub and you-view device, only around 20 channels are, and have ever available - e.g. The You View channels are not available
  2. Of these channels, some are completely unwatchable, like BT Sport UHD
  3. HD channels often stop working or are not available, such as Sky Sport 1 HD, and BT Sport 2 HD.
  4. redirects <  reports "BT TV isn't available on this account"….You do not currently have a subscription to this BTTV service. If you have recently placed an order for a BTTV service, please bear with us as we update our records, you will be able to watch online / via APP soon. If you haven’t ordered this BTTV service yet, please see our latest offers at or call our sales team….Call us Monday to Saturday 8am - 8pm
    Sunday 9am - 6pm From a landline: 0800 100 400From a mobile: 0330 1234 150*From abroad: +44 179 359 6931**
  5. BT TV app on android fails: reports this: "BT TV Alert: It appears TV Everywhere is not active"… "(TVE_A914)"
  6. The (£100?) BT Reward Card has failed to arrive
  7. I have had so many calls from BT regarding these issues it is unreal: Initially, there were about 10 a week - mostly asking if the fault had been rectified, or asking the complaint to be closed until the fault had been rectified, lastly suggesting I close the account. From my perspective, there was a lack of understanding and diagnosis of the issue, and a failure to understand the customer's perspective.
  8. I'm not sure I get all the channels I'm supposed to.


Phone & Broadband


9. I'm not sure I get the speeds I'm supposed to



10. I was overcharged - Charges for BT Sport were made despite my becoming a BT Broadband customer.

11. I've just received a letter dated February 2017 saying prices are increasing on 2 April - this also means I am entitled to leave the BT contract. The change is incomprehensible.


Corrective Actions:


I believe these actions are necessary to rectify the current situation:



  • I would like refunds for all TV charges made since the installation, and I would Like the contract for TV Terminated as TV services have not been acceptable, and I have been extremely patient waiting for the problem to be rectified.
  • I would like a refund of the installation fee, as TV functionality, channels, and reliability have been unacceptable and required post-installation work to no avail. Recordings fail intermittently. Multiple engineers have been sent out (BT employees and BT contractors, e.g. 6th January, 10th February) and have failed to rectify the problems, diagnosing issues as network related outside the premises. I also logged problems via
  • I believe I have significant inconvenience, and something should be done to compensate for this.
  • I would like the BT Reward Card  sent ASAP



Outstanding/new Complaints@


I would like to seek full resolution of my complaints:



  • BT TV on the UHD YouView box does not work
  • BT TV via the BT TV app failed
  • BT have overcharged me for BT Sport
  • The Customer service has been just awful (disclosure I was a BT employee in the 1980's).
  • The complaints procedure process has been unclear, and untraceable - my initial complaint seems to have disappeared, and I have no reference point.



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Re: So sick of IPC6023 on YouView+ Ultra HD box, and other issues Pls help.

Hi @Wenger786,


I can see that you previously spoke with @DavidM back in January going by your earlier comments. To get this picked up, please get in touch with us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods.





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