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Social Media Videos not playing

Hi All,

So we have been using BT now for about 6 years and never come across this problem.

We don't use the BT Router but a DrayTek Vigor 2862 Series. we have used it for years, no settings have ever changed.

When we visit Youtube on Laptops the Videos play for about 3 seconds then stop, you refresh the page and it does it again, after about 6-page refresh it then plays or if you turn down the Screen Res, to 380 it then plays mostly ok.

When using Instagram on a phone to look at short clips it does the same, the clip plays about 2-3 seconds then stops. 

Netflix, Amazon Prime all work ok.

I have asked others in the Family and they have the same issue, so I know it is not down to the device. When you switch to 3G data the clip plays with no issues at all. 

It was ok but now it is really annoying.

Any help would be great, 






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Re: Social Media Videos not playing

Have you tried either using the BT hub or another router per chance the problem lies with your router?

Check that you do not have BT Web Protect, which works at a network level, activated. It is being turned on by default by BT.

See link

 Set up and use BT Web Protect | BT Help

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