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Software update freezing box every time

Once again last night and indeed EVERY time an overnight software update is transmitted, my BT TV Youview box (Humax DTRT2100) freezes (showing one bright blue LED). And I have to re-boot it by switching off with the rear switch. It then switches to maintenance mode, recommending that I update the software. I do this but then find that all internet channels are missing. I note that no ISP number is shown under 'Software Information' at this stage.


To recover our subscription channels I then have to go to 'Software Information' and manually select 'update software' again. At which stage the subscription channels magically reappear and an ISP number is shown (currently 253).


This happens numerous times per year. Invariably when we are away from home and all of our recordings fail.


Perhaps someone out there may be aware of a way to prevent this from happening?


I really enjoy the BT TV service but this never happened with SKY TV. And despite their infuriating marketing strategies I find myself being forced to consider returning to their seemingly more reliable service and hardware.

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Re: Software update freezing box every time

Hello @steven34


I'm sorry your set top box appears to be having issues. If you would like to Private Message me your home phone number or account number, I'll be in touch to see how I can help.


Kind regards, 


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