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Sold BT sport and not told BT infinity wasn't available in my area

Hoping someone can help me. In October of last year I called BT to sign up to BT sport (at that time i

I had BT broadband and was out of cotract)


When signing up I was informed ny contract would be extended by 12 months and I said this was fine fine as I was hoping to get BT infinity as I need it for my business from home. A month or so after signing up and then started the orocess of getting upgraded to BT infinity to be then told that it wasn't available in my area and wouldn't be for at least the next twlve months. Before nyone asks, no I dont live oit in the sticks, I live probably 500 metres from our town centre and assumed we should be fine that close to a majior town centre.


I have since had to move to virgin in order to get high speed broadband, cancelled with BT and they are now demanding I pay up the rest of the contract.


Surely their call centre should have informed me whether I could get infinity or not when I made the inital request to sign up to BT sport. I feel I have been genuinely missold the sport package. 


I have since made two calls to their call centre in both cases a full statement wss taken by them regarding the whole situation and I was told a manager would call me back after investigating my situation. I have never recieved any courtesy calls back from them and their latest correspondence is that they are passing on my debt to an agency.


My latest call today was to ask to speak to the customer complaints department only to be told that they are not customer facing and will speak with me in due course.


Losing my patience. This is the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time.

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Re: Sold BT sport and not told BT infinity wasn't available in my area

sorry about some of the typos. in a rush this morning!!
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Re: Sold BT sport and not told BT infinity wasn't available in my area

@pmci Someone has to ask what BT are doing with the £1.5 billion the UK Govmnt gave it to bring up-to-date services to areas not currently receiving them. We live 'out of town' in Hampshire & I will be 150 years of age before Infinity (fibre optic services) reach here. When 4G was announced, I had a dream that I would be able to receive at least some meaningful service via 4G mobile services, but it seems that will never get here either! When 4G comes here guaranteed it will be prohibitively expensive, too. This is the 21st century - it seems the UK's economic failures of the last 6 years will have a knock-on effect into the next century!
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Re: Sold BT sport and not told BT infinity wasn't available in my area

I hate to say this, but it sounds like the problem is that you made too many assumptions, not that BT mis-sold the package.


Infinity is gradually being rolled out across the country.  Some places get it quicker than others.  Sometimes, there is a problem which means that Openreach have problems upgrading a particular cabinet, while the others in an area get upgraded.


You simply assumed that Infinity would soon be available, and it wasn't.  Now you want to break the contract you agreed to.