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Solution to all BT problems

Having been with BT for less than 4 weeks, endured hours listening to music from India or people reading from 'how to solve a problem' scripts, frequent trips under my desk fiddling with defective BT supplied filters, broadband speeds that would make taking up calligraphy a quicker means of information transfer, Line tests, resets, 1st bill stating I had not paid my previous bill??? and then taking from bank account before adding to bill again I have found the ultimate solution,


Move to Hull and sign up to another provider, heres how;


Obviously sell up and book a removal van


Ring (use a mobile as BT landline is too noisy)


Speak to nice lady in Hull and tell her what telephone/broadband package you would like.


Nice lady sets up Direct Debit, Books installation (within 6 working days) and does all the work to migrate your existing number.


Free router delivered next day along with Direct Debit confirmation.


Thats it your done!!!!


If you cannot move you have my heartfelt sympathy at being at the mercy of what is probably the most inept , ill managed service I have experienced  anywhere.


PS the only downside is that BT will give you the runaround in order to impose their cancellation fees despite the fact that any test of reasonability would identify that they have totally failled to provide the service advertised.So like me you may want to stand by to challenge BT on the fees just dont do it over the phone or internet unless you live in Hull.




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Re: Solution to all BT problems

Hi Garmo


I am sorry that you feel things have come to this.  If you can give the Mod team a chance we'll be happy to get invoved and get this sorted out for you.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send to the email address in my profile and mark FAO Craig please.



BTCare Community Mod

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We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)”
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Re: Solution to all BT problems

Morning Craig, Thanks but no thanks, My BT account will close on Monday and my KC service will commence.


The forum is helpful to all those with problems but even that is a reflection of BT's service commitment in that they would appear to be happy for customers to solve other customers problems rather than offering a fit for purpose service which i'm afraid will never happen whilst each department either here in the UK or abroad cannot effectively join up to provide proper solutions or advice.






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Re: Solution to all BT problems

I think you'll find that every other ISP provider has there own share of problems and to which they also have a community help forum.
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Re: Solution to all BT problems

this link may show that KC has a monopoly and if you live there you have no choice of isp except them not a good sign to me shows they have something to hide
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Re: Solution to all BT problems

Of course KC have a monopoly but it is one that I was very happy with for over 30 years before being falling for the BT glossy advertising. Yes KC have problems but all are dealt with quickly and efficiently. As for having a party if BT came to Hull as described in the link I would suspect the mix of alchohol and BT would soon degenerate into a riot!!!!!!

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Re: Solution to all BT problems

sorry i prefer freedom of choice not a monopoly it is a shame you did not take up the mods offer of help you would have got the help you needed and your problem fixed
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Re: Solution to all BT problems

Would have gladly taken up offer of mods help if they were in a position to;


Be installation engineers without the greeting of "hello we don't ususally do domestic but things are slack on the commercial side"


Finish the installation without reducing my number of telephone sockets from 5 down to 1in a back bedroom


Leave me with a line that has more static than a crystal set radio


Supply working filters like the KC ones I had to fit in order to get a connection


Facilitate a switch over of service that I would not notice rather than the 5 days without internet or the ability to receive incoming calls, great for someone who works from home


Answer service problems without a 15 minute wait only to be offered a line test as that is the last line of the 'How to deal with despairing customers' script.


Be told consistantly by numerous individuals that there is nothing wrong with my line


Prepare my first bill without informing me that I had yet to pay my previous bill then add the 'outstanding' amount to my First bill.


Sorry but the fiaso above relates to less than 4 weeks with BT - If I had Free calls anytime any where and broadband as fast as South Korea I would not touch this company with a barge pole!!!!


As to monopoly I thought whoever you signed up to provide service,Tiscali Virgin etc you still required a BT line which is why BT staff could not grasp the concept of a completely independant provider, This did illicit the only apolology to date from BT after listening to the officious individual lecture me for 5 minutes on how you dont actually cancel contracts with BT when switching providers, then realising the independance of KC even down to the cream coloured phone boxes!



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Re: Solution to all BT problems

You obviously did not want the help offered by the mods who would have sorted your problems but still you have made your choice that's your decision and all I can do is wish you well with KC
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