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Some Quick Questions

Okay so far ive been waiting many years for better internet and FTTC has finally been enabled in my area (i think) and on the BT FTTC Checker it says i can order BT infinity. So my dad ordered the BT Infinity 2 Package around 3 weeks ago not entirely sure however it said we should get the Equipment on the 26th of Sept and 28th is when the engineer will come over but on the account it says.

Your Package order is due to complete:

Friday 28 September


What exactly does Package mean? Does it mean "My order will be installed and operating"?

Also Because my dad gets the internet for free (His work pays for it) they wont pay for this New Infinity 2 package i was wondering can we have two internet connections coming into our home e.g. Old Router Upstairs in my dads office (im connected to it at the moment) and when the engineer comes we will setup one downstairs near my Phone (We have 2 phones coming into the house my dad's work phone and our House phone) Can we have two connections running out our house at the same time without a problem or will it slow down or perhaps hinder Infinity to work?

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Re: Some Quick Questions

You can only have two services if you have two phone lines ~ or if one of the services is Virgin cable.


If it is for the same phone line, by making your Infinity order, your dad effectively cancelled his free work internet.

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Re: Some Quick Questions

It is referring to this as posted in your post "BT Infinity 2 Package "
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