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Some channels have low signal strength after new aerial installed

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I am fairly new to having a UHD box.  Initially I had trouble with missing recordings.  As part of the cure for that issue, I removed an aerial amplifier from the coax line and had a new aerial installed (I had used sattellite previously)  The old antenna was in a sorry state


On re tuning the UHD box, I selected London (which aerial is pointed at) rather than Kent


I now have something odd; some channels, odd numbered in the 20-40 region have about 25-30% signal level, but adjacent channels have 70-80%.  So Quest is 27% and Quest+1 is 79%


Its almost as if the box has chosen the Kent signals for those channels


Does anyone have any suggestions, a hard reset perhaps?



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Re: Some channels have low signal strength after new aerial installed

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I have cured this problem


It is clearly caused by a problem with the box.  I worked out that two of the muliplex groups were being tuned to the Soth East/Kent channels, even though I have the antenna directed to London, and selected that on set up


I had to drop the signal level down until the Kent Tx was not detectable and then after a retune, all my channels are the full strength London ones


FYI, not having an attenuator to hand, I improvised by using a length of metal (actually a small Allen Key) to connect the two inners of the aerial plug/Socket and connected the case/earth using a bit of metal resting on the two connectors


The dropped the signal enough to loose the Kent one, but provide a strong signal for London Tx

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