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Some thoughts

hmmmm couple of thoughts for you.


I think the speed of the forum is about snail-ish... It will probably having something to do with all the shine (graphics). Maybe to speed things up you could put in an option to minimize the different sections.


Another idea could be that you could include an option to view new posts or even your own posts from the main forum page, as this can be quite effect when wanting to see a reply to a post.


I have others but some not worth mentioning.

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Re: Some thoughts

Well as your post was 123K (I know your bit wasn't but BT will insist on making huge web pages) and contaons scripts and lots of screen formatting it will be slow.

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Re: Some thoughts

I got my first timeout!

The server at is taking too long to respond.


And presumably the traffic is failry light tonight?

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Re: Some thoughts

I know its mental! I have never used Lithium but I think if this standard of snail-blazing continues I won't be recommending it to people.


Now do correct me if I am wrong but was there not a lot more sections on the old board? I know by looking at this board that the sections cover a little bit but are we not missing the gaming section ( Yes I like gaming Robot tongue )


Also I might be missing something but could you not allow me to to do a general reply and not just to an individual post ( Like most forums) adding into this I am unable to view the rest of the post on this thread and yes I have clicked the TINY "View All" at the bottom and it did not show anything instead gave me half a page and I had to write this all again Robot Sad. Could this not show as normal or will this make the board time out?


I am moaning but only to see this improve and making the forum experience better.

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