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Someone help me change my direct debit date

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Can someone please help me change my direct debit date.

I called bt last month and told them I wanted it changed, they said it had been done but wouldn't be reflected in last months bill as it was already made but would take effect from this months bill.

I have now had this months bill through and still the direct debit date has not been changed, I do not appreciate being lied to.

This matter needs resolving, all I am asking is they change the date date to the 1st of the month so I can get all my bills sorted in the first couple of days of the month.

This is yet another balls up in BTs ongoing line up of problems and I am only a couple of months in to my **bleep** contract.

Not happy

Edit; I have tried calling bt and after 8 attempts at the switchboard I still failed to get to speak to a human
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Re: Someone help me change my direct debit date

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Apparently this is not possible on monthly whole bill direct debit, there are many posts on the forum regardiing this.


You can change the date on the monthly payment plan but this method of billing is not advised by other customers, where there have been a lot of problems with it.

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Re: Someone help me change my direct debit date

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Be careful. Apparently they can only change the direct debit date by moving you onto the Monthly Payment Plan which uses future quarterly estimates for your charges (and going by the many complaints about it on this forum you probably don't want to be on that). Some customers have found this out the hard way and had a lot of hassle getting being put back on the Whole Bill Direct Debit payment method.


I'm on Whole Bill Direct Debit and have asked to move my DD date in the past. I've been told it is not possible on this payment plan and the fixed date is determined by the day of the month your BT services were originally activated. I agree that seems very limited for a modern billing system.


See Can I change when I pay my bill?

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