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Something to do with Breweries?

Last Monday, the 30th of March, BT sent me a letter and an email offering me the oportunity to switch to their new  'Hello' 4G mobile plan.
As I had a couple of queries, I rang, the queries were answered and it was STATED that the porting of 'my' number would only take 24 hours to complete.  This is also STATED on various pages on the BT website.
I ordered the service on Tuesday the 31st and received the SIM the on Wednesday and authorised it.  I had already obtained a PAC Code from EE, submitted that on and received a confirmation email stating that the number would be ported on Thursday.  Not 24 hours, but not too bad.
I put the EE SIM card back in the phone to get a working service, but it wouldn't work.  A call to EE resulted in them explaining, that once BT had accepted the instruction to port the number, EE had no control as my contract with them had ended and there was nothing they could do.

I then received a second email stating that the porting would not take place until the Tuesday the 7th, so I rang BT, and after the usual Indian inquisition I was transferred to somebody who appeared to know what they were doing.  After further periods of music I was 'PROMISED' that as my mobile was not working, the transfer would be prioritised and that the porting would be done in 24 hours.  I said that probably means on 'Good Friday', is that OK? and was informed that the department, who were responsible, were in and it would be done.  Like a mug I believed her.

Of course nothing happened, so on Saturday, after another hour on the phone listening to lots of music and apologies I was informed that something had gone wrong, that the whole Easter weekend had been declared a non-porting period and that the transfer would not take place until the 7th.
So no working mobile for 6 days.  In addition my contract started the day I signed up so I'm being charged for a service that doesn't work, it's only coppers but it's the principle that's important.

It's about time BT used a joined up method of operation.   BT (Marketing?) should have made absolutely certain that BT Mobile were capable of carrying what marketing were offering, prior to sending out communications to customers, just before the Easter holiday.  Had BT informed me that they would port my number until the 7th, I would have delayed signing up for the service. 
I didn't believe the recent Which report saying that BT have the worst Customer Service record, I do now.
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Re: Something to do with Breweries?

I sympathise.

If my BT services are working without any problems, I think the service is fantastic. However, as soon as there is either a technical or billing issue to be resolved, BT are shockingly poor.

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Re: Something to do with Breweries?

I agree, the porting of a number is fraught, it should be a daily and faultless operation. In my case they messed up porting my number so bad my wife left me and went back to the Phillipines. My only recourse was to complain bitterly to customer services which I would urge you to do. I was offered 6 months free services of bothe mobile and broadband (inc tv). Poor compensation for the loss of my wife but I took it so dont let them get away with it. Maybe then they will reconstruct their operations.

Good luck.

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Re: Something to do with Breweries?

Wow. People blame BT for a lot of things......but losing your wife?

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