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Sonos Sound breaking Up on some channels

My BT Box is connected ti a HomeHub6 in the same room. It is also hard wired to a Sonos Playbar, and I also use a Sonos subwoofer and two surrounds over the wifi network.

Recently I have been having a weird issue that doesn't seem to have a stable cause. I'm looking for ideas to investigate...

I'll explain using two channels - BT Sport 2 (432) and Eurosport HD (436), but it affects other channels.

Yesterday I was watching World Superbikes on Eurosport - no issues. During a break I switched over to BTSport 2 and could not watch the program there because the sound was badly broken up. Switched back to 436, all fine. However, last weekend, it was the total opposite - couldn't watch Eurosport on 436 but BT Sport on 431 was fine. The problem initially sounded like the surrounds were the problem, and I can't tell you the number of times that I have reset the Sonos system. However, it's definitely something to do with the TV as I can play music through the sound system no problem even when the TV is playing up. The HomeHub was set up to manage the wifi channels automatically, and I've played with switching this on and off.

I don't have a handle on how often the problem happens, nor anything I might be doing to trigger it. 

Any thoughts appreciated


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Re: Sonos Sound breaking Up on some channels

Forgot to say that when Sonos sound is playing up, I also have the option of playing sound via my HiFi, via my streamer, also connected to the HomeHub. That sound is fine. I want to think this is a wifi issue, but the inconsistent sound issues on the TV channels mentioned suggests the TV, wires etc, all of which I have checked and rechecked..
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