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Sony TVs with Built in YouView

I'm looking at getting a new TV, I've seen the lastest range of Sony Bravia come with YouView built in.


A quote from the Currys website, explain when the update wil be happening

Sony YouView.jpg

I'm wondering if my BT subcription would still work if I used the inbuilt YouView tuner, I'm sure it wont work, but it's worth an ask.

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Re: Sony TVs with Built in YouView

Its no going to be much use unless its got a recording facility, which I doubt. It will be no different than the basic player that BT give for free.

I don`t think you can register non-BT supplied YouView devices anyway.


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Re: Sony TVs with Built in YouView

There is a good Q&A here :-


4. Can BT and TalkTalk subscribers see their extended content on it? No 😞

It’s ‘retail only’ in operation.


10. Can you record? Not yet; not even outside of YouView 😞

We are supposed to get recording outside of YouView, and support for the twin tuners these sets have, needed to make this really useful, by Dec 24th. From this date, assuming YouView recording is still in the future, you may want to exit YouView, make recordings, and return later.

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Re: Sony TVs with Built in YouView

Thanks Scointer for the link.


Bit of a shame that you can't, you would have thought the parnter (BT & Talk Talk) would want YouView in as many homes as possible giving them the opertuniaty to up sell the subscribtion.

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Re: Sony TVs with Built in YouView

If Sony are anything like Panasonic I would be very wary.


My experience with a Panasonic "smart" Bluray player and a "smart" TV has not been great, the firmware is unlikely to be updated after the first year of a new model, they are, after all selling new models and have very little interest in updating existing ones.


Amongst my gripes are, they have removed several useful apps and a browser that crashes every time you try to load a page, the reply from Panasonic was it probably needed more memory!


In future I will stick to boxes and dongles, both being fairly cheap and in the case of the Youview box should be continually updated? and a dongle is cheap, cheerful and disposable.


I think a good display & audio are both necessary, if this means buying a "smart" TV then so be it, but for the extra bells & whistles I will use separate plug in devices.



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