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Sorry - re posts to 4.50 Unlim Inc email - is a change to 700/£7 start of new contract or NOT

Read through many posts below in last week on the unlimited calling plan.

And seems to be some conflicting views on this one. From what Sussex and myself have been told and other experienced posters here.

Think issue may have been answered by garbys


Guess have to trust what was told re family specific plans - were not just a sales attempt - and decide to spend £15 with BT or £15 on a mobile with unlimited mins. Sadly suspect will cave to BT.

Checked 12 months bills - spent about £10 total on mobile and a couple of 1:00 overruns - not enough to justify 4.50 hike - £54 a year.


Sorry for messing with two older threads - newbie mistake.

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