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Sort code

Is there any other way to pay for BT Fibre broadband that doesn't require linking a bank account? I come from America, and I live in England now, however in America our banks don't have sort codes. When I try to pay for BT broadband, it seems to require me to input a sort code, and theres no way for me to get a sort code because I have an American bank account.

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Re: Sort code

You can pay manually via and make a card payment, without a direct debit in place you do lose the discount attached to automatic payments, so your monthly bill will increase by £2 per month.

You could see about opening a UK bank account, a few will allow a basic account which supports direct debits without needing a full back ground check or credit history.

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Re: Sort code

You could also open an online bank account from someone like Monzo and transfer money to that account to cover any direct debits. You can also use it as a spending account for contactless payments

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