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Sound issues on all channels on BT TV

Anyone else having sound issues on BT TV? I have no sound on an channels, have tried a restart, unplugged and replugged all cable and even changed the hdmi to another one to see if any difference.

Any suggestions? Is there an issue locally?





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Re: Sound issues on all channels on BT TV

On any channels including Freeview ones as well as BT TV channels? Are you playing sound direct from the TV or using a separate audio system such as a soundbar? Checked that Mute not active on either Youview box and TV?  Checked that volume level is not set to zero on Youview box or TV?  Tried changing from Surround sound to Stereo on the Youview box?

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Re: Sound issues on all channels on BT TV

Sound normally comes out of tv and no settings had been changed. Literally worked last night, didnt work this morning till lunch time. The sound is back now so thankfully it is working again!


It was also on all channels, including freeview and bt tv. Sound worked on apps and on prime and netflix but not anything that was coming out of the bt tv box.


Thanks for the message!

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