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Sound issues on some IP channels

Starting to get quite annoying now as a fairly minor sound issue appears to be 'spreading' and getting worse. It started after the 'new look' software upgrade on my YV box.


I have rock solid 80/20 infinity, low latency so it's not a bandwidth issue. YV box is right next to the router which ISN'T a BT home hub but a TP-Link VR900. Stats show very few errors logged on the line and massive sync headroom (max 115000 down, 35000 up - but of course limited to 79987/20000 on infinity 2)


Initially had breakup on sound which occurred every couple of minutes or so on Discovery Science only. This started to get worse where the length of the 'stuttering-sounding dropouts' increased and became more frequent. It now appears to also be happening on H2 HD and Dave HD although not as bad as on Discovery Sc ... there was something similar a few years ago when I was on Vision+ and it was finally resolved, being some issue in the BT infrastructure with part of the Multicast kit somewhere.


As I haven't seen any widespread complaints about this, I can only surmise that it is either another local Multicast infrastructure issue that OR haven't noticed, or some issue with my YV box. Tests indicate that it is certainly not an issue with my Infinity connection or router.

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Re: Sound issues on some IP channels

Hi @trapdoor Sorry you are experiencing problems with the sound quality on your internet channels.


You mention this happened only after the last software upgrade. When did you receive this? Is your Youview box connected via Ethernet or are you using Powerline adaptors?

Have you checked some of the Internet channels you normally don't watch to see if it happens on them also. 





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Re: Sound issues on some IP channels

Hello John,


no powerlines ... it's directly into the router which is close to the YV box and the wall plate. 


Update was was a couple of months ago but IIRC there has been one further update a couple of weeks ago,  no change with that one.


i haven't been through all the channels but pretty sure Nat Geo HD doesn't do it, or History, but H2 does. 


There is is no video drop out, and I'd have thought that if it were a local issue, video would likely pixelate. When this happened on a small subset of channels a few years ago when I was using Vision+ it was found to be part of the Multicast infrastructure. However, previously it appeared to be timed quite precisely ... so it would do it say every 90 seconds. This I cannot find any time correlation and sometimes there is just a very brief drop whereas other times it's quite a pronounced multiple dropout which sounds like a stuttering.

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