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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

I've not had any notification of an update to fix the sound loss problem with fast forwarding, has anyone else?

I can't believe this is still dragging on, if I had Virgin in my area I would have ditched BT long ago. Quite frankly the whole system is clunky to work around.

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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Hi gomezz thanks for your post of yesterday. No I have not yet received the latest update that you referred to. My current software is version 32.23.50 / 3.6.48, released on May 6th 2019, which is that mentioned in DarrenW's post 134 (or rather a slight updated version thereof). In the same post 134,  he says that the sound loss fix will be included in software update 32.25.0. Following your post, I did some online research and came across the Youview support website which actually lists all the updates issued for the BTyouview boxes. You are probably already familiar with this but it was new to me and in case other contributors have not seen it either here is the webpage address :-         (updates listed in reverse order, latest first)      

What this shows is that there has not been any specific update number 32.25.0 and, apart from one or two minor maintenance updates, the latest main update after 32.23.50 / 3.6.48 is 32.35.0 / 3.6.128 released on September 23rd,  which is the update with "Jump to Time" which you referred to.  My assumption would be that this update embraces 32.25.0 especially as in his post 148 advising a delay in the roll-out of the sound loss fix, Gavin refers to the "next roll-out"  commencing in the middle of September. Your confirmation that the new update appears to have solved the sound loss and skipping problems also seems to confirm this despite, as you point out, there being no mention of the sound loss fix in the list of fixes sorted out by 32.35.0.




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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Just checked my box and it is now ver 38.35.0

Just fast forwarded through a 1 hr BTSport HD recording on x30 for a couple of and it worked fine with no sound loss !!

Looks promising 

BT TV Expert
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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for everyone's feedback so far who have received update 32.35.0.
The fix for this problem is in software version 32.35.0. This has been going through a phased rollout but should be available to everyone from tomorrow. Your BT TV Set Top Box should update automatically overnight, but if you notice yours hasn't picked the update up, then doing a manual software update via the settings should do the trick.

Software update encompasses the fix for the sound loss when fast forwarding, rewinding etc. along with other things.
If you are on this software version and continue to have problems after the update then please don't hesitate to contact me via a private message with your details and I will take a look. Thank you.