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Spam call to upgrade router?

Has anyone else had a call (Indian sounding) saying my broadband is flakey and I need to upgrade my router? They ask you to download an app on your mobile and do a ping test etc etc. I got caught unaware and went along with it for a while, then it just didn't seem right. So I hung up and deleted the app etc. Was it genuine? Have I been suckered into giving my IP address etc? 🙄 

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Re: Spam call to upgrade router?

Yes, it’ll be a scam.

Don’t worry about the IP address.  Just as when you send a letter, if you expect a reply you have to give them your address.  Same with your IP address.  If you send to a web server for a web page you need to tell it where to send the reply.  IP addresses are public domain.

If you are concerned about it, turn your router off for half and hour.  When it reboots it will pick up a new address.

If you did download anything on your mobile, an antivirus scan would be a good idea, as the app may well have installed other things while it was there.


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Re: Spam call to upgrade router?

Thank you, that's reassuring. I can't believe I went along with it!! I'm normally very careful. 

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Re: Spam call to upgrade router?

You so quick there you might have missed my edit.

Thought does occur that if you downloaded something on your mobile an anti-virus scan would be in order, as the app may have been used to deliver other things.

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Re: Spam call to upgrade router?

Yes, thanks! I did do that.
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