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Spam filters seem completely random

I have a client with a BT account and i'm trying to help them with a spam problem with their BT mail.


They have two email addresses for husband and wife, let's call them H and W. Both email account seem overzealous when it comes to marking things as spam, but they do not work the same way. I can send the same test message to both addresses and one marks the message as spam and the other does not.


I know it's BT Mail marking the messages as the spam folder name in the mail client is different. If I turn off the filter in settings but choose to mark spam with the [SPAM] prefix this gives me a better picture, and this supports my theory that something is very wrong.


At the moment, H's account is marking every incoming mail as spam. The W's account is marking a great deal as spam, but not all mail, even if it is mail that is also coming in to H and being marked as spam.


There do not appear to be any configuration settings on the spam filter other than on, off but mark, and off, so I don't think I'm missing anything. There are no Rules set up in either account.


What's going on and how can it be fixed? At the moment the only solution (and it's not really a solution) is to turn all the spam filtering off completely. This is unacceptable.

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