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Re: Spam in my inbox

Yesterday I used my pc browser to access the mail>settings>rules and added the following rule;

Called it Spam 2021 and ticked Active

If From ends with >

and I added >

(both being the tail end of, currently, the main offenders)

And in 'Set Rule action' Then move to folder > Spam

Oh! And don't forget click SAVE 😉

Today, so far, NO spam...... Watch this space....


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Re: Spam in my inbox

No spam but it does not show it is your rule that is doing that unless there is spam in your spam folder which has been put there by the rule.

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Re: Spam in my inbox

True, but lately nothing would surprise me, I've found deleted mails in the spam folder so who knows where they'll end up lol!
Will check in a couple of days and see. Fingers crossed 😉
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Re: Spam in my inbox

Following up on my last, since adding the mail rules last Thursday, from 3 to 5 spam a day now zero spam. True, if my rules have worked they should have been redirected to Spam folder but there's none there either.

Maybe BT's filters are working again, who knows, but so far so good 🙂 

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Re: Spam in my inbox

still getting them... now there are from "Martin Lewis", everyday 

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Re: Spam in my inbox

Yep, spoke to soon! "Martin Lewis" & "Dragon' Den"
And yet my linked gmail account filters them all out 😕
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Re: Spam in my inbox

Well, looks like the spam filters have really kicked in now! Since my last, ALL the **bleep** is being diverted to the spam folder so fingers crossed & well done to whoever it was that sorted it out. 

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Re: Spam in my inbox

Yes, I'm getting those same mails. Mostly just of nuisance level, not phishing.
I keep reporting them patiently.
I also have a paid for Internet Security utility which is linked to MS Office Outlook. It blocks the sender, and adds to a list.
A slow process of elimination!
Edge seems to be reasonably good in sorting out security.
I also keep a watch on tracking cookies in MS Edge, one of which has been persistent recently.....

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Re: Spam in my inbox

Unbelievable! Just when I thought it was sorted and post on here  up pops another one this time from;


Has THIS forum been added to a spam list????

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Re: Spam in my inbox

Dunnow, but presumably BT Community will advise you re: posting dubious links.

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