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Spam marking and unmarking

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Some people who have sent me emails for a long time have suddenly had their emails designated as spam. Using the 'more' tab, I unmark such emails which go into my Inbox - so far so good. But when I get emails later from the same address, they go back into spam again. The same happens in reverse - emails  from advertisers that I don't want to hear from I mark as spam, but some of them (not all) appear again in my Inbox.

Is there a way to mark emails from specific senders permanently as spam or as not spam?

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Re: Spam marking and unmarking

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The BT spam filters should eventually "catch up" but meantime you can add know recipients to your "safe senders" list by logging onto your email account and clicking on your name at the top right. Select "Settings" then "Mail" then "Safe Senders" and add the email address to the list.

With spam email that is going into your inbox. Mark the item as "spam". You can also go into the "Settings" > "Mail" > "Block senders" and either add the email address or the sender's domain prefixed with an asterisks ie  *

See link

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