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Re: Speed Dropping Around 4.00pm

Gotcha. Learn something new every day
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Re: Speed Dropping Around 4.00pm


Spoke to a guy names Martin from BT

Told me as far as he was aware the Halifax Exchange Has no congestion issues.

I cant see a problem with my setup at home,as the speeds are fine during the day,just goes to pot about 4pm till after Midnight.

Very Strange.

Anyway he was going to call out an enginner, but i said i will monitor it for anaother week to see if things improve.

Martin will ring back in a weeks time,take it from there.


Its Pretty Dire tonight


Screenshot 2016-05-18 20.00.10.jpg

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Re: Speed Dropping Around 4.00pm

Today Screenshot 2016-05-19 18.53.09.jpgi put a brand new filter plate on the bt box also a brand new cable to the router..

Same results

Rules out my internal wiring

To be honest cant see how it can be my wiring as the speeds are great during the day just between 4pm to midinght

Getting cheesed off now


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Re: Speed Dropping Around 4.00pm


Still think it is congestion and I would suggest you go back to mod who is helping you. If you have an email from a mod then just reply to that and get mod help again

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