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Speed Issues - Help needed please


Hello all

Wonder if anyone can help with a really curious issue I have. I am getting nowhere with BT support

Many sites I try to download files from cap the speed at 500 - 600 kbps and I should get 5 times that amount.   These sites are commercial sites with proper hosting etc

Typically the sites seem to be hosted in USA/Canada - here are the full symptons

  • If a site proves itself to be slow it is slow whatever day or time or day I connect and downloading is always at a fixed rate of between 500-600kbps.  The site never speeds up even if I try weeks later. I have contacted Webmaster of said sites and confirmed they do not limit speed themselves.
  • I can ask any friend to simultaneously download from the same site as me and he will get close to his full speed and I will get only 500-600mbps - at exactly the same time. This test is repeatable any time of day.  I can also remote desktop to my work pc and see it for myself by downloading on both PCs simultaneously
  • Speed Tests to UK servers are always fine (Including BTs own test)
  • Speed Tests to servers abroad generally but not always show very slow speeds.  An example is Turnkey internet which has test file downloads - when I download from this site I always get 500 to 600 kbps - which is exactly the symptons I suffer on many sites ?
  • Another speed test site in the states allows me to test download speed and then compare my speed with other BT users - even though I have fibre I am much slower than the vast majority of BT users (In bottom 12 %)
  • The problem occurs whatever browser I use
  • I have obviously tried all the obvious switched off firewall, reset router. I'm hard wired in etc etc

Can anyone help please ?

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