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Speed drops from 5-6Mbps to 500k at peak times

I am on a small exchange (SWXSX) with about 500 lines.


Most users are very near to the exchange. We are about 1.5 miles away.


At peak times our speed drops from 5-6Mbps to 500k and VoIP quality degrades. On Bank Hoilday Monday a large download repeatedly dropped out. In the end 443MB took 3 hours to download.


My impression is that the back haul is overloaded. What are the plans to fix this problem for small exchanges? When can I expect a reliable >2Mbps service?

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Re: Speed drops from 5-6Mbps to 500k at peak times

this is a community forum where members help members and the only Bt employees are the forum mods.  you post will not go direct to BT Retail your ISP. It is wholesale who will have that information or can provide that information but you can contact the mods to see if they can help 

contact mods

can take up to 5 working days for mods to contact you
 you can check your echange for problems here

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